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LED Signs, LED Displays, LED Billboards, LED Advertising, LED Message Centers
Electronic LED Displays, Variable Message Signs, Reader Boards ...
LED Signs, LED Displays, LED Billboards, LED Advertising, LED Message Centers
LED Signs, LED Displays, LED Billboards, LED Advertising, LED Message Centers
Electronic LED Displays, Variable Message Signs, Reader Boards ...
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Electronic LED Billboards
Megatronics Advanced Technology Electronic LED Billboards: Today's Outdoor Digital Advertising

Megatronics Electronic LED video screens are amazing. They are bright enough to see in broad daylight; they can stand up to severe weather conditions, they last almost forever, and they consume far less power than CRT technology.

The SBA states that the average business gets up to 50% of sales from signage, 85% from within 5 miles. Highway businesses can acquire up to 95% of sales from signage.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says that those who take signage seriously and make it an integral part of their overall marketing see significantly more revenue than those who don’t. The Chamber uses the words “profound increase in revenue.”

The SBA states that outdoor LED signs increase sales 15%-150% at 10% the cost of other advertising and you pay just once, while focusing on your target market. The sales increase variance is based on choosing the right sign, creating a good messaging strategy, and traffic. Our outdoor LED sign clients average 30-40% in sales increases.

The billboard has entered the realm of high-tech in the form of an electronic billboard media format. Megatronics Electronic LED video billboards offer a greater flexibility of use than conventional billboards could ever provide. With high brightness, high resolution LEDs, the conventional billboard has been transformed into the perfect high-tech electronic outdoor display medium. Not only are electronic billboards full color and large format, but they also have many distinct advantages including displaying animation and in effect showing specialized television commercials outdoors. The electronic signs also act as a multiple message provider, where one sign can show a loop of continuous messages. As for changing a sign message, it's as easy as clicking with a mouse button, rather than sending out a crew to pull down and replace a billboard message.

When viewed, the Megatronics Electronic LED displays appear similar to a print (or static) billboard except every six to eight seconds the sign face changes displaying a brand new advertising message.

Just about everyone connected to electronic billboards are benefiting with outstanding results ranging from LED sign manufacturers to outdoor billboard operators who are building outdoor digital display networks in premium locations as quickly as possible.

Megatronics Electronic LED billboards offer an economy of uses, both in terms sign management inventory and in earnings potential. The proper management of a Megatronics Electronic billboard allows six to eight different advertising messages to share the same sign face, increasing multiple advertising awareness without the labor of continually replacing vinyl sign faces. In terms of earnings potential, evidence has portrayed electronic billboards with its multiple advertising messages on a single sign face as being able to "out earn" their print counterparts.

Electronic billboards are just getting started, as of summer, 2006 there are probably only a little over 200 electronic billboards in the U. S.

More incredible is that the American billboard inventory has just about doubled 100% since last year. The emergence of electronic billboards as a new component of outdoor advertising is expected to have a significant impact on all aspects (manufacturing, operations and media buying) of outdoor advertising, they are easy to view day and night, easy to create content for and messages can be quickly reprogrammed. Megatronics Electronic LED Billboards now offer media planners and advertisers more effective ways of doing something they already do.

Megatronics Electronic LED billboards are really no different than their print counterparts except they successively rotate through different advertising messages. There is no video animation, no flashing lights or scrolling messages. Each electronic billboard is like its print counterpart, with a convenient changeover to the next message.

The regulatory environment is still the largest barrier to entry within the electronic billboard market, but having said that, there is good progress being made at the state and municipal levels. Several outdoor companies have been successful working cooperatively with regulators who are willing to adjust their local sign codes to allow various electronic billboards to be installed within their metropolitan areas.

In reviewing the annual rate of sales for electronic billboards, in 2005, an increase of up to 200% growth in manufacturing LED billboards from its previous year. Since this market is still relatively new, industry analysts and executives expect to continue to see large growth numbers for the next few years.

Despite the fact that electronic billboards have been around awhile, there are still many billboard owner/operators who are just learning about these kinds of billboards and their capabilities. The biggest challenge is educating billboard owners about the differences between print and electronic advertising and how to properly prepare advertising messages for an electronic billboard situation.

Conditions of installing each sign are based in part on location and vehicle demographics of how many cars pass by that site on an hourly basis. There are also the municipal sign codes, which pretty much determine the fate of each sign. Thus with a great location and an unfavorable sign code the chances of an installation are pretty slim. However when both forces are in balance, the likelihood of our electronic billboard being installed are greatly increased.

Megatronics Electronic LED billboards are more distinguished than their print counterparts in creating a "call to action" in regard to more immediate sales offers, discounts or sales references to local store sites.

Megatronics Electronic LED billboards have a tremendous potential as a new kind of outdoor advertising medium. The big selling point for Megatronics Electronic LED billboard has always been the photographic quality of its high definition look. When most advertisers see these boards, they know they want to be on it.

Megatronics Electronic LED billboards are seen as a strategic advertising components to allow advertisers a powerful way to reach a potential critical mass with its targeted audiences. These electronic billboards enable advertisers to bring a specific message at a specific time to a specific audience. For the clients who buy 'time' on the boards, it allows them a powerful advertising opportunity of cross platform advertising by presenting television ads and enforcing that campaign in specific markets with an immediate follow up on LED billboards. Other types of content, like flash animations that come from companies' websites, are also extremely impactful.

McDonalds Corporation, for example, spends around $100K on signage (per location) to sell a $.99 cent hamburger. Yet, the manufactured home dealer with great highway visibility puts up a $300 sign to sell a $75,000 hamburger.

One thing is perfectly clear; signage costs about 10% that of broad-based media such as TV, newspapers, radio and yellow pages, and is usually a one-time investment. An important note is when you are comparing CPM (cost per thousand); you must also note the longevity of the medium. All other media stops as soon as you quit paying for it. The ROI factor of signage is much larger than just the CPM percentage differences and cost. Broad-based media also misses your target demographic about 90% of the time.

An educated client would invest $5000 more if they knew that a bigger or additional sign would increase sales 4%-12% based on a study of 6000 businesses. If your gross sales are currently $100,000 a month, that would mean $48-$144k revenue increase more a year. Maybe you would invest $20,000 more once you learn the facts. Megatronics Electronic LED signs increase sales 15%-150% with an average cost of .25 cents an hour, giving clients the ability to advertise products and specials 24/7. Compare that to someone holding a sign on the street for $10 an hour.

Evolve or disappear is the rule of change that controls the universe. Clearly this affects print billboards as much as anything else.

Megatronics Electronic LED billboards offer a win-win for everyone, sign dealers and sign installers see it as a sales opportunity, billboard operators are able to use them to create a pricing scale to meet different levels of outdoor advertising budgets and advertisers like it for the direct market effectiveness of connecting with the public.